“Be who you are and say what you feel: because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

A magical man called Dr Seuss once said this. It can never be too true. This saying makes me smile, makes me fill up, and makes an amazing feeling of just being perfectly happy radiate to the very tips of my fingertips. Wouldn’t it be utterly lovely, if we could all live by this edict every day? If we could say no to something, and not worry about the repercussions? If a man could kiss his boyfriend in a pub and not be worried what the landlord would think? We could listen to what we want – Mozart side by side with Motorhead, fairytales with techno-pop and no one would think twice, no eyebrows arching or whiskers quivering.

If I could dye my hair red and wear a corset one day and channel Marianne Faithful the next without someone saying ‘gosh, thats not what you usually wear!’. Why should I wear the usual every day? Red lipstick in work is perfectly acceptable, and so is 7 inch heels and a bustle.

If I could sit at lunch and read a comic book without hearing that its weird or childish. If we could debate Sartre in the same breath as we trade narcoleptic celebrity gossip.  The soporific qualities of   OK magazine are not to  be underestimated. If Lego was a socially acceptable past time for a 40 year old man – the thrill of creation never goes out of style. If model trains were something to treasure rather than hide under a bushel.  If taking out a camera would make people say ‘wow! what do you take pictures of, the light you paint with?’ rather than pout and gurn in a dapper style or cringe and call you pretentious.

Wouldn’t the world be nice if….?


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